The Sea-Dyaks of Borneo


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Far away in the Eastern Archipelago is the large island of Borneo, inhabited by a variety of races of very different origin, and of various degrees of civilisation. The most important of these are the Dyaks, Malays and Chinese.

The Dyaks are probably the original inhabitants of the country; the Malays seem to have come into Borneo later, and the Chinese at a comparatively recent date. Most people know something of the Chinese and also of the Malays, but little, as a general rule, is known of the Dyaks. Many, no doubt, have heard of the “Head Hunters of Borneo” and their idea of the Dyak is probably that he is a fierce, cruel ruffian, who spends his whole time in killing his fellow-creatures. But this is by no means the case. It is true that the heads of their enemies are kept as trophies hung up over their fire-places, but it is only in times of warfare that the Dyak shows a thirst for blood. At home and in times of peace, he is a warm-hearted, hospitable, cherry fellow.

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