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About Us

Natural History Publications (Borneo) is among the leading English language and natural history publishers in the Malaysian and Southeast Asian region. It has published numerous works relating to the biological richness of this special area, with a distinct focus on the island of Borneo, one of the world’s last great wilderness areas. Among its publications are many books on tropical plants and animals, including rare and unique forms, and detailed accounts by renowned specialists.

In particular, it has received international acclaim for its collection of books on orchids and on Borneo’s natural communities and landscapes. In 1992, Natural History Publications began to add titles dealing with the history, culture and art forms of Sabah, Malaysian Borneo, written in a contemporary style accessible to both general and specialist readers. The publishers are dedicated to publishing titles from a broad range of subjects relevant to Borneo and Southeast Asia, including historical and contemporary life and the amazing natural landscapes and biological wonders of the region.

Datuk CL Chan, the driving force behind the company, is himself an amateur naturalist and accomplished photographer of Borneo’s natural beauty. Keenly interested in stick-insects and orchids, Chan is also frequently asked to assist with scientific programmes; his talent and resourcefulness are recognized by many, including scholars who have made the region their focus.This special appreciation of nature coupled with his close interest in publishing technology, have enabled him to publish titles of the highest international standards.