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About Us

Natural History Publications (Borneo) is one of the foremost publishers of English language natural history books in Malaysia and Southeast Asia. We take great pride in our publications that focus on the remarkable biodiversity of this unique region, with a particular emphasis on the enchanting island of Borneo – one of the few remaining untamed wildernesses on Earth. Our extensive collection includes a wide range of books on tropical plants and animals, showcasing rare and extraordinary species, as well as in-depth accounts by esteemed experts.

We are especially renowned worldwide for our exceptional books on orchids and the captivating natural communities and landscapes found in Borneo. In 1992, we expanded our repertoire to include titles exploring the history, culture, and art forms of Sabah, Malaysian Borneo. These books are written in a contemporary style that caters to both general readers and specialists alike. Our commitment lies in publishing a diverse range of subjects that are relevant to Borneo and Southeast Asia, encompassing both the historical and contemporary aspects of life in the region, as well as the awe-inspiring natural landscapes and biological marvels it holds.

At the helm of our company is Datuk CL Chan, a driving force who is not only an amateur naturalist but also a skilled photographer capturing the stunning beauty of Borneo’s natural wonders. With a keen interest in stick-insects and orchids, Chan is often sought after to contribute to scientific programs, earning recognition from scholars who have dedicated their studies to this region. His deep appreciation for nature, coupled with his passion for publishing technology, has enabled us to produce titles of the highest international standards.

We invite you to explore our collection and immerse yourself in the captivating world of Borneo’s natural history.