A Guide to Wild Fruits of Borneo (2nd Edition)


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A Guide to Wild Fruits of Borneo (2nd Edition) RM100.00

‘A Guide to Wild Fruits of Borneo’ by Anthony Lamb is an engaging exploration of over 500 species of edible fruits, nuts, and seeds native to Borneo, showcasing their incredible biodiversity. The guide encourages sustainable development and germplasm conservation while offering detailed insights into the island’s rich flora, making it a must-have for botanists, nature enthusiasts, and fruit lovers.

Embark on a fascinating journey of natural discovery with ‘A Guide to Wild Fruits of Borneo’ by Anthony Lamb. With over 500 different species covered, this comprehensive guide beautifully illustrates Borneo, the most species-rich region in the world.

Stroll through diverse forests that stretch from coastal seashores and islands to lowlands and hills, and up to the montane forests. Studying different soils, this guide uncovers the wide variety of edible wild fruits, nuts, and seeds consumed by the island’s inhabitants across ages. It intrinsically presents how local communities have made some otherwise toxic species edible through cooking methods or fermentation processes.

Get lost in extensive taxonomical classifications made by botanists and discover new species in the lush wilderness of Borneo. Relish the diversity of native fruits like Durians, Mangoes, Mangosteens, Rambutans, Taraps, Figs, Tampois, and Willughbeia. This book solidifies Borneo’s reputation as the ‘Islands of Fruits,’ known for hosting the highest variety of fruits in Malesia.

The guide includes well-known species along with some rare and little-known species, illustrated in incredible detail. It introduces you to 34 families, 55 genera, and 109 species. Lamb emphasizes on lowland forests, known for their vast diversity of trees, treelets, shrubs, and herbs, all with edible fruits.

The book also highlights the urgency of sustainable development. While it speaks about the reduction in the diversity of some species because of agricultural and urban development, it encourages germplasm conservation. The author advocates exploring these species’ commercial potential and future possibilities of horticulture.

Whether you’re a botanist, a nature enthusiast, or a lover of fruits, this book offers intriguing insights into Borneo’s biodiversity. So order ‘A Guide to Wild Fruits of Borneo’ today and step into the delicious, wild beauty of one of the world’s most diverse landscapes!

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