A Guide to the Pitcher Plants of Sabah


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The rain forests of Sabah are home to some of the most remarkable organisms in the world. Prominent among these are the pitcher plants. of which several of the most spectacular species occur only on the slopes of Mount Kinabalu. At 4095 m above sea level, this is the highest mountain in South-east Asia. People travel to Sabah from all over the world to climb Mount Kinabalu and many of them expect to see pitcher plants along the way.

However, these plants are not always conspicuous and some species can be difficult to identify without the aid of a weighty scientific text. The object of this book is to provide a basic introduction to pitcher plants for people who are interested in them, but are not botanists. Information about which species can he seen easily (and where) is provided, and it is hoped that this will raise the collective profile of pitcher plants, thereby assisting in our efforts to conserve them.

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