The Tamu: Sabah’s Native Market


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The Tamu: Sabah’s Native Market RM35.00

The tamu has been an integral part of life for many people in Sabah for hundreds of years. Rich and poor, professionals and peasants, most have attended tamu at some point in their lives. Today, even tourists visit tamu in increasing numbers, adding another dimension to their perspective of life in Sabah. Intrigued by activities in the tamu grounds, British administrators in the late 19th and early 20th centuries described and wrote about tamu in a number of books and journal articles. Then–and even now–published material about the tamu was limited to articles in journals and magazines or chapters in books. This is the first book about Sabah’s tamu to be published and it offers fascinating insight into the history, development, culture and activities of this essential Sabah institution. The sights, sounds and smells of the tamu offer an authentic experience of one of Sabah’s oldest traditions. With this guidebook as companion, it is hoped that tourists and visitors find a greater appreciation and enjoyment of the tamu.

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Chong Han San and Low Ai Fuah


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