Sipadan Mabul Kapalai: Sabah’s Underwater Treasure


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Sipadan Mabul Kapalai: Sabah’s Underwater Treasure RM228.00

On the northeast coast of Sabah, Malaysia, lie three seemingly insignificant islands. Ignored by the rest of the world until the 1980s, it has only recently been discovered that these islands combined play host to one of the most diverse underwater ecosystems in the world. From tiny pygmy seahorses and giant manta rays, to fragile coral reefs and the mysterious ‘Turtle Tomb’, this marine treasure triangle has it all.

Sipadan Mabul Kapalai Sabah’s Underwater Treasure documents this remarkable ecosystem. It is the product of five passionate divers who have spent the past seven years living and diving on and around these islands. With its exceptional images and detailed text, this book provides a fascinating insight into the day-to-day existence and activities of the flora and fauna that make these islands their home.

Without doubt, the islands of Sipadan, Mabul and Kapalai together represent one of the ultimate destinations for the discerning diver. Currently protected under Malaysian law, it is hoped that the island of Sipadan will soon be recognized internationally and be listed as a World Heritage Site. Certainly, environmental impacts such as global climate change, overfishing and deforestation could take their toll on this delicately balanced ecosystems. It is now up to us to ensure that this book remains a window into the incredible marine ecosystems of the area, and does not become a testimony to past beauty and biodiversity.

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