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Sumatra is the largest island which is wholly owned by Indonesia, and its about three times the size of Java. So far 139 genera and 1118 species are known to occur on Sumatra and its surrounding islands, although some are only known from the original collection and distribution. In the captions to photographs the altitude is noted from which the temperature may be calculated, also I have added in the month when they were found in flower, which will assist anyone attempting their cultivation.

As with my Orchids of Java, as many photographs as possible have been included and placed close to the descriptions; although this increases the price of the book, it is thought to be well worth while, as it will enable more people to identify species, especially those who do not have English as their first language. Additionally, I have made the botanical descriptions as complete as possible, more so than those in my Orchids of Java, and as far as possible have avoided using technical taxonomic words, which to be understood by all orchid enthusiasts.

This comprehensive account on the orchids of Sumatra is complete with 664 colour photographs, mostly taken of plants in the wild, and supplemented by 70 line drawings.


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