Malesian Orchid Journal Vol. 7

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  • Editorial
  • A Synopsis of Calanthe Section Styloglossum by Mutsuko Nakajima and Hideaki Ohba
  • A New Terete-leaved Species of Thrixspermum from Peninsular Malaysia by Ong Poh Teck and Peter O’Byrne
  • Coelogyne genuflexa and C. pholidotoides by Jeffrey J. Wood and Chan Chew Lun
  • Oberonia pauzii — A New Species from Peninsular Malaysia and Borneo by Ong Poh Teck and Peter O’Byrne
  • Eulophia zollingerioides — A New Species from Peninsular Malaysia by Peter O’Byrne
  • A Revision of Cleisostoma in Sulawesi by Peter O’Byrne and Jaap J. Vermeulen
  • Five New Species of Pinalia (Section Polyura) from New Guinea by Paul Ormerod
  • Orchids of Bali — With Special Reference to Bulbophyllum by Wolfgang Rysy
  • Preliminary Studies in the Bulbophyllum nymphopolitanum (section Lepidorhiza) Complex in the Philippines by Wally Suarez
  • Three New Species of Dendrochilum, with Notes on the Practice of Formally Describing Cultivated Species of Unknown Provenance by Henrik Æ. Pedersen
  • Dendrobium tawauense — A New Species of Section Crumenata from Borneo by Jeffrey J. Wood
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