Opogi: A Bornean Crocodile


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This is a story about Opogi, a Bornean crocodile who is over a year old and who lives in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo. Written largely in Opogi and his relatives’ voices, the young crocodile takes readers on a journey to discover what he learns from those around him. He lives in the ecologically important Kinabatangan region in eastern Sabah, an area that is also known for its vast agricultural plantations. From those around him, Opogi learns about the origin of crocodiles, their distribution worldwide and locally, and of folklore that associates this reptile with humans and other animals. This publication also covers the nesting behaviour of crocodiles, their diet, homing patterns, sensory organs and research that is done on the species. Pressures including hunting and other threats are also touched on. Photos in this publication showcase crocodiles and their habitat, and other wildlife found in Sabah. Opogi: a Bornean Crocodile provides an overview of this reptile and will hopefully inspire readers to better understand this species.

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