UPIN: A Bornean Banteng


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This is a story about Upin, a four-year old Bornean Banteng who lives in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo. Through his journey of discovery, Upin learns from his mother and relatives a number of important life lessons to ensure his survival in a fragmented landscape. Written largely in Upin and his relatives’ voices, this book also covers facts on the Bornean Banteng such as their origin, habitats, daily routine, social organisation and behaviour. This publication also touches on threats this wild cattle species faces. An interesting feature of this book is a detailed  description of what author Penny Gardner has gone through in learning about the Banteng, and why it is important for the world to learn about this mammal. This book contains a collection of photographs, mainly based on camera traps that capture images of the elusive animal. Upin — A Bornean Banteng , will hopefully inspire readers to better understand the plight of this often forgotten and endangered mammal.

  • Introduction
  • Origin
  • Population Size and Status
  • Our Habitat
  • Threats
  • Research
  • Our Unique Features
  • Our Home Range
  • What We Look Like
  • Reproduction
  • Our Social Organisation
  • Our Behaviour
  • Our Daily Routine
  • What We Eat
  • Banteng in Captivity
  • What Researchers Do

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