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Kadazan Folklore is a translation of ethnic Kadazandusun tales from the Penampang District of Sabah, Malaysia. Firstly compiled under “Susuzan do Kadazan”, these stories relate age-old beliefs of the Kadazandusun people. Belatedly, through the publication of this English volume, local and foreign non-Kadazandusun speakers can now begin to share in the Kadazandusun worldview of how things came to be.

It seems to me like it was only yesterday that a group of us decided to embark upon this project of collecting Kadazandusun stories. But what was then an elaborate task of interviewing and recording stories form our elders, has today borne fruit in the publication of this precious book in your hands. What a pleasure to finally have a reader like this! Surely it will turn into a classic as these beloved cultural stories pass on down through the hallways of time.


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