Historical Sabah: The Chinese


Historical Sabah: The Chinese RM49.00

The second in the Historical Sabah Series, this book is an attempt to explore the various aspects of the history of the Chinese in Sabah. It traces the experience of the Chinese community in Sabah since their arrival at end of the 19th century until the end of World War II. Issues discussed include immigration, social change, economic activities, education, institutions, leaders and politics. The volume shows that the Chinese of Sabah and their other Southeast Asian counterparts not only share common roots but also possess many similar characteristics, yet within these similarities are variants which distinguish them from the rest. As the chapters are drawn from a series of articles published in the author’s weekly newspaper column as well as in other forums, the book remains exploratory in nature. Nevertheless, it is hoped that it will encourage others to carry out further research on the history of the community.

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