Frogs of Borneo (3rd Edition)

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This third edition of the Field Guide to the Frogs of Borneo introduces the non-specialist reader to the diverse frog fauna of Borneo, found in habitats ranging from the island’s low coasts to near the summits of its highest mountains. More than 180 species of frogs have now been found on the island and the number continues to grow. The current book contains significantly revised and expanded natural history information on Bornean frogs some of it previously unpublished, and detailed accounts for all species currently known. The success of field identifications has been enhanced by addition of new keys to species under each genus, concise morphological descriptions, ecological notes, and high-resolution images. Geographical information has also been included for all species presented. Contributions by many expert photographers and assistance by other herpetologists has greatly enhanced the value of this book as a reference for the Bornean frog fauna.


  1. General Biology of Frogs
  2. Frogs in human tradition and culture
  3. Distribution and  Classification
  4. Ecology
  5. Frog conservation in Borneo
  6. Species accounts
      • Barbourula
      • Ansonia
      • Duttaphrynus
      • Ingerophrynus
      • Leptophryne
      • Pelophryne
      • Phrynoidis
      • Pseudobufo
      • Rentapia
      • Sabahphrynus
      • Alcalus
      • Fejervarya
      • Hoplobatrachus
      • Limnonectes
      • Occidozyga
      • Borneophrys, Megophrys, Xenophrys
      • Leptobrachella
      • Leptobrachium
      • Leptolalax
      • Calluella
      • Chaperina
      • Gastrophrynoides
      • Kalophrynus
      • Kaloula
      • Metaphrynella
      • Microhyla
    • RANIDAE: Huia, Hylarana (Abavorana, Amnirana, Chalcorana, Pulchrana), Meristogenys, Odorrana, Staurois
    • RHACOPHORIDAE: Chiromantis, Feihyla, Kurixalus, Nyctixalus, Philautus, Polypedates, Rhacophorus, Theloderma
  7. Frog Voices of Borneo
  8. Further Reading
  9. Acknowledgements
  10. Index
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