Maliau Basin: Sabah’s Lost World


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Maliau Basin: Sabah’s Lost World RM168.00

This book invites you to a superb wilderness experience in the Maliau Basin, Borneo’s mysterious Lost World. One of the most pristine natural features remaining in Borneo, it has fired the imagination of all wanting to enjoy its natural treasures. The Maliau Basin is a remarkable saucer-shaped depression enclosed by a mountainous rim in the remote heartland of Sabah. This is a wilderness of exceptional natural beauty and spectacular scenery.

Highlights include the Maliau Falls, the Maliau River, the Maliau Gorge and the north rim escaprment. These, combined with the undisturbed flora and fauna, which include many rare, endangered and endemic species, make the Basin unique. Beyond doubt, Maliau ranks as one of the most superb wilderness areas, not only in Malaysia but the world.


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