Malesian Orchid Journal Vol. 1

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The Malesian Orchid Journal is the first in Southeast Asia to publish papers on the taxonomy, ecology, natural history and conservation of Malesian orchids.

  • Foreword
  • Editorial
  • Anoectochilus of Mount Kinabalu by Jeffrey J. Wood A New Species of Trichoglottis section Staurochilus from Sulawesi by Peter O’Byrne and Jaap J. Vermeulen
  • The Genus Trichoglottis in Sabah by Anthony Lamb
  • Fourteen New Species of Bulbophyllum from Borneo by Jaap J. Vermeulen and Anthony Lamb Renanthera of Borneo by Rod Rice
  • Two Interesting Species of Dendrochilum from Borneo by Jeffrey J. Wood
  • A New Species of Cheirostylis from Sulawesi by Paul Ormerod
  • A New Species of Cleisocentron from Borneo by Jeffrey J. Wood and Anthony Lamb
  • Three New Orchids from Sabah, Malaysian Borneo by Anthony Lamb, Jeffrey J. Wood and Ramlan Miadin
  • New Orchids from Borneo by Jeffrey J. Wood
  • Two New Species of Bulbophyllum from the Philippines by Jaap J. Vermeulen and Jim Cootes
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