Historical Sabah: Community and Society


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Historical Sabah: Community and Society RM49.00

This book is an attempt to explore some aspects of Sabah’s social history. Tracing the foundation of earlier townships in Sabah, this book also looks into the lives of the various communities that formed the nucleus of Sabah’s multi-ethnic society, the elites of the society, the expatriates, the early development of sports and leisure time, the society’s reactions towards social problems, labour unrests. The book is unique in that it attempts to provide another dimension to Sabah’s history, the stories of the people–indigenous, immigrants as well as expatriates–who have each contributed in one way or another to the historical process of the state. As the chapters are essentially drawn from a series of articles published in the author’s weekly newspaper column, the book is still exploratory in nature. Nevertheless, it is hoped that it will encourage others to carry out further research on the history of Sabah.

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