A Guide to the Dragonflies of Borneo


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With 275 named species so far recorded and doubtless many more yet to be discovered, Borneo has one of the richest and most exciting dragonfly faunas in the world. More than 40% of species occur nowhere else, making it the most distinctive sub-region of Sundaland. It is home to such spectacular species as Tetracanthagyna plagiata, the heaviest of all dragonflies, many beautiful picture-winged chlorocyphids and euphaeids, and high-altitude endemics such as Matronoides cyaneipennis restricted to Mount Kinabalu and nearby mountains.

This, the first guide to Borneo’s dragonflies, is also the most comprehensively illustrated account of any large tropical dragonfly fauna yet published. Species are figured by photographs, generally taken in nature, and half-wing coloured drawings. Many are figured by both methods. About 60% of known species are shown, including almost all the distinctive and common species likely to be encountered by a casual visitor. Particular attention is given to the identification of the common but difficult medium-sized red dragonflies of which there are several. The text augments the illustrations and provides useful information on biology.

Introductory chapters discuss structure and general biology, ecology and conservation, faunistics and biogeography and collecting techniques and photography. There is a complete and up to date checklist. Illustrated keys to families of adults give the reader an understanding of the structures used in classifying dragonflies and augment the usefulness of the illustrations of entire insects. Main larval forms are shown. This book will be useful not just in Borneo, but also in neighbouring parts of south-east Asia.

  • Foreword
  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Structure
  • Adult
  • Larvae
  • Life Cycle and General Biology
  • Adults
  • Early Stages
  • Classification and Biogeography
  • Ecology and Habitats
  • Open Habitats 15
  • Forest Habitats 17
  • Conservation 22
  • Collecting and Preservation 23
  • Capture and Field Storage 23
  • Killing, Preservation and Permanent Storage 24
  • Collecting Larvae 25
  • Photography 25
  • Key to Suborders and Families (Adults) 27
  • Key to Suborders 27
  • Key to Zygoptera Families 27
  • Key to Anisoptera Families 33
  • Checklist of Species in Borneo 37
  • Summary of Species: The Identification and Biology 43
  • Suborder Zygoptera 43
  • Family Amphiterygidae 43
  • Family Chlorocyphidae 44
  • Family Euphaeidae 55
  • Family Calopterygidae 60
  • Family Lestidae 64
  • Family Megapodagrionidae 66
  • Family Platystictidae 69
  • Family Protoneuridae 73
  • Family Platycnemididae 77
  • Family Coenagrionidae 81
  • Suborder Anisoptera 91
  • Family Gomphidae 91
  • Family Aeshnidae 98
  • Family Chlorogomphidae 107
  • Family Corduliidae 107
  • Family Libellulidae 111
  • Further Reading 134
  • Appendix 135
  • Color Plates 137
  • Index to Scientific Names 188

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