Forests and Trees of Brunei Darussalam


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Packed into the relatively small area of Brunei Darussalam is an amazing plant diversity of nearly 3500 species of indigenous seed plants. Almost 3% of these are extremely rare and endemic to Brunei (i.e., not found anywhere else), and nearly half of the over-all Brunei seed-plant flora is not known outside of the botanically rich island of Borneo. Of the species documented, around 1900 species (i.e., more than half) are trees. This book gives an overview of Brunei Darussalams varied rain forests and its incredibly rich plant wealth, and explains why the rain forests are an important aspect of conservation. It follows in the wake of the Checklist of Flowering Plants and Gymnosperms of Brunei Darussalam published in 1996 and heralds the beginning of the Tree Flora of Brunei Darussalam project, which seeks to document, Mary Martin Booksellers Brunei April 2005 8 in a series of volumes, the tree families and species found in Brunei. The new initiative, which for the first time will involve specialists collaborating to provide a means to identify Brunei trees in the form of a special Flora, is supported by the results of the Checklist and further research, and organized by the University of Brunei Darussalam, the Brunei Forestry Department and Brunei Shell Petroleum Company.

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