Birds of Mount Kinabalu

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To about 290 species of birds, Kinabalu (at 4905.2 m, Borneo’s highest peak) is either home or a significant stopover destination during their periodic migrations. This well-produced book provides short notes on this fascinating mountain, its vegetation and bird habitats, and descriptions and illustrations of 62 species of birds found about and above the park headquarters on Kinabalu. These are the most interesting and easy-to-see montane birds, depicted in exquisite water-colour plates by artist John Gale. Notes on bird habits and biology are also provided under each species. A valuable addition to the bird specialist’s or bird-watcher’s vault of informative literature.

  • Foreword vii
  • An Introduction to Kinabalu 1
  • Around the Park 3
  • Vegetation Zones 5
  • Zonation of the Birds 6
  • The Summit Zone 7
  • Montane Forest 8
  • The Local Lifestyle 10
  • Kinabalu’s Birds 13
  • Species Accounts 17
  • Acknowledgement 138
  • Bibliography 139
  • Index 140
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