A Preliminary Guide to Pyraloid Moths of Borneo: Part 2


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A Preliminary Guide to Pyraloid Moths of Borneo: Part 2 RM120.00

The Preliminary Guide Part 2 is a comprehensive resource dedicated to the Family Crambidae of the Superfamily Pyraloidea, offering detailed information and around 940 images of about 838 taxa from global locations. This guide is an invaluable tool for understanding the biology, ecology, and distribution of these species, with insights from 751 recorded in Borneo, and a selection from Peninsular Malaysia and other regions.

This extensive handbook is completely dedicated to Family Crambidae, a component of the Superfamily Pyraloidea. Explore an index of every existing name and related terminology, a register of officially recognized titles and their status, and additional insights about the biology, ecology, and global distribution of these fascinating creatures at our online information system, GlobIZ. Our publication also comes with a generous array of bibliographical resources, making it an ideal companion for global readers.

Our product, aptly titled ‘The Preliminary Guide Part 2′, presents a selection of imagery, some making their premiere appearance outside of official species descriptions. We’ve included images from the Superfamily Pyraloidea as per Regier and associates’ 2012 interpretation and subsequent authors’ amendments. Our guide showcases an impressive collection of about 838 taxa–inclusive of roughly 452 identified species and 386 unidentified species-level morphotypes, nearly half of which are believed to be unnamed. Most of these species (751 to be precise) are recorded in Borneo.

Besides local species, our guide also includes species predominantly from Peninsular Malaysia (62 to be exact) that are likely to be found in Borneo, along with 21 species from other areas to highlight possible lookalikes that may cause confusion. We’ve also featured 6 species with uncertain distribution data, especially when species have been divided into separate categories.

Altogether, our handbook comprises approximately 940 images of pyralids, including duplicates. This is a must-have resource for anyone interested in the world of Pyraloidea!

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