A Guide to the Pitcher Plants of Peninsular Malaysia


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A Guide to the Pitcher Plants of Peninsular Malaysia RM20.00


The flora of Peninsular Malaysia is incredibly diverse. Many groups of tropical plants, such as orchids, palms, gingers, begonias and balsams are well-known, not just in Malaysia, but around the world. The main reasons for this are that many Malaysian species from these groups are attractive ornamental plants, wile others are of considerable economic importance. The pitcher plants (Nepenthes species) represent another conspicuous group of ornamental plants from the region. At present, 10 species of Nepenthes are known to occur in Peninsular Malaysia. Three of these are common wayside plants on some states (such as Johor and Pahang), whereas others are found in just a few small localities, such as as the highest peak in Taman Negara. Wherever they grow, Nepenthes rarely fail to excite the interest and curiosity of people. Despite this, most people know very little about pitcher plants, and most published information is contained in weighty scientific texts which are relatively inaccessible for people who are not trained scientists. The object of this book is to provide a simple, lightweight guide to the pitcher plants of Peninsular Malaysia, which will help to raise public awareness of these plants within the region, thereby promoting the need to conserve this fascinating component of the flora of Malaysia.


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